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RV-9A First Flight

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An RV Moves Into the Hangar

8/23/2014- Allen and Bobbi Rice bring their RV9-A up to the clubhouse hangar for final assembly. 


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Member Projects



The Wolcott's Wag-Aero Sport Trainer was certified on
May 26, 2009 and the first flight was on J
une 1, 2009.  
The plane flies very well, and has over 145 hrs now.  
If you can handle a short (1200’) runway, you’re welcome
to come by, fly in, or just fly over and check it out
30. 27’.37”N x 83. 08’.52”W, 
1 nm - 329 Deg from 24J
or  7 nm – 007 Deg from Kitty Hawk.



 Jim is making some progress on his Sonex.

Sonex aircraft  N 100 US , aluminum aircraft,  two seater side by
side, dual control, 120Hp Jabiru aero engine. Engine cowling is not
mounted in this picture. No oil leaks. Fuel tank and hoses not
leaking. All electrics work fine now. Need to get RPM readings correct
on EFIS glass panel, possibly by resetting computer settings in the
EFIS. All looking good now.  Engine runs s
uper. Plane wants to fly.  
powerful engine and prop function. Brake works, tail wheel 
steering works as intended.


 This is Morris Brown's latest project. It is a 1947
Stinson 108-2 that Morris owns with 2 other partners.
They spent 2 yrs restoring the plane. 
It is covered with the
Stits process, and has a 
Franklin 6A4165B3 engine with
165 hp. It cruises at 110 mph
@ 2500 rpm with a range of 
400 miles, and can carry 4 x 170 lb. people.


 Allen Rice has been working on his RV-9A slow build project since 2009.  As of January 2014 his aircraft is all painted and ready for engine installation followed by final assembly. 
  1/30/2014- The engine is on the hoist and
ready for final installation.  All the parts are painted and ready for transport to our EAA chapter hangar and final assembly.
2/17/2014-  The engine is all plumbed and wired.  Fabricating the air intake box.
 Tucker Rice is building a Pietenpol Air Camper.  As of January 2014 he has the wing ribs and 50% of the fuselage complete.  When he returns to Steinhatchee for Spring and Summer breaks, he should finish the fuselage and part of the empennage.  He is planning on Corvair power for his Piet. 

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