Chapter 797

Live Oak, FL

2017 Chapter 797 Officers



Dave Holmes,President 


 Shaun Freeman, Vice President




  Rhonda Holmes, Secretary


 Dan Calabrese, Treasurer



 Dave Poirier, Newsletter Editor and Young Eagles Coordinator



 Timmy Smith, Web Editor 

 Bob Jaeger, Safety Officer & Sun-N-Fun Co-chairman


  David Brown, Sun-N-Fun Co-chairman not pictured.


Technical Counselors

An EAA Technical Counselor is an experienced volunteer advisor who shares knowledge and expertise to aircraft builders. These Technical Counselors are part of the "member helping member" tradition of EAA. They advise builders on constructing a safe, airworthy aircraft for final FAA inspection.

These volunteers visit projects and advise builders on how to comply with building instructions and federal regulations. Technical Counselors offer tips based on their experience and help builders avoid costly mistakes. Through Technical Counselors, EAA helps maintain the excellent reputation of the amateur-built program.

Morris Brown

 Morris Brown has lived at Little River Airpark with his wife Barbara since 1999. It is a big change from their previous home in Alaska. They have been  EAA 797 members for 10 years and he has been attending Sun N Fun since 1998. Barb has worked at Sun N Fun several years, depending on her health. Morris has worked in the aviation field since joining the Air Force at age 19. He has received AP/IA and commercial pilot ratings. He still flies a little having an Aeronca Chief, although he says he’s 
bored with Lower 48 flying. Barb really misses ski flying and you just don’t see much ski flying in Florida. Morris and Barb spend a lot of their time now riding their VW 
powered Trike, which Morris started the first day of his retirement and completed just in time for Biketoberfest, 2008.  They also spend a lot of time at Bluegrass Festivals.  They have 5 children, 18 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  This keeps Barb busy making quilts. She is fabricholic and buys and sells fabric in her spare time. 


Bob Jaeger


 The Technical Counselors are expected to make a minimum of four visits per year.  Please help these 

fellows maintain that average.  Give them a call and ask them over to look at your project.

Lots of people have found that a second set of eyes with a fresh look see things that might not be 
observed by someone who sees it every day.  Several people in our Chapter can tell you about having 
others look at their projects and being surprised at the new insights they get.

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